Head off to Moby Dick Cocktail Bar & Restaurant for drinks…

It’s always happy hour at the seafront!

Whether you’re dining out with friends or family or maybe you’re out chilling with colleagues for some after work wind-down,  you’ll be delighted by the cocktails menu that are served at MobyDick Cocktail Bar & Restaurant in Xlendi, Gozo.  Right at the seafront, you’ll enjoy the colours, breeze and the atmosphere of the beach….

Nothing says relax and holiday and unwind …. like cocktails by the beach.   If you’re here at sunset, you’ll be able to enjoy the magical spectacle of the sun dipping down into the horizon.   It’s one of the best spots for cocktails in cocktails.

Cocktails & Platters

Maybe it’s not yet dinner time, you can enjoy your cocktails with our sumptuous platters.  If you’re after the traditional Mediterranean and Gozitan fare, you can opt for Gozitan platter.  Or if you enjoy a ‘meaty’ feast, then we suggest Captain Boomer’s platter. Our firm favourite is our signature seafood platter – Captain Ahab’s Platter. 

When dining at MobyDick Cocktail Bar & Restauarant, you have a great variety of starters, succulent meat dishes along with the sumptuous fish dishes.    Our pizzas are also amongst the favourite on the island of Gozo and many of our regular customers keep coming back for the pasta dishes.    On top of all this,  Moby Dick has a resident Chinese chef and thus serves a full authentic Chinese menu.   Order your favourite cocktail and there’s no doubt that this will be a meal that is not easily forgotten.   If you prefer wine, Moby Dick Cocktail Bar and Restaurant also has a good wine menu including both local DOK and IGT wines and foreign wine specialties. A whole range of wines from around the world from California to South America to Africa to Australia and Europe.

MobyDick Cocktail Bar & Restaurant is open Monday to Sunday and the Chinese menu is served on all days except Tuesdays. It’s difficult to beat the cocktails at Xlendi and being a seafront restaurant, booking is highly advisable to avoid disappointment.