The MobyDick Bar & Restaurant has been a firm favourite by all those who visit Xlendi for a long time. Established over 40 years ago, the restaurant enjoys a prime seafront location  that is a delight throughout all hours of day! 

Serving breakfast from 10.00 a.m. onwards, the MobyDick Bar & Restaurant is the ideal location for enjoying the quiet hours of the morning. If you’re after lunch or dinner then  make sure you check out the full menu which is served throughout the day.  A wide variety of traditional Mediterranean first and main courses are available, along with a great choice of pizzas, burgers and pasta dishes. Ask the waiters for the specialties of the day. Fresh fish dishes are also highly recommended and indulge in our sought-after platters with friends and family. The Moby Dick in Xlendi is the only restaurant in Xlendi serving a full and authentic Chinese menu prepared by a Chinese chef. 

At MobyDick Bar & Restaurant you can also enjoy cocktails at all hours of the day. Check out our cocktail menu and ask for your favourite. It’s difficult to beat relishing a summer cocktail whilst looking out on the Xlendi bay view! It just gets even better at sunset… And besides cocktails, you can enjoy shakes and smoothies.

If you want to organise a birthday party, a family reunion or get together with your friends or family for a special occasion like baptisms, Holy Communion or Confirmations, speak to the management. We can handle fun and casual pizza parties and even more refined dinners consisting of several courses with menus that have planned according to your budgets and any special dietary needs.

For reservations call on:
+356 2156 1518
+356 9968 8285 or +356 99698284.

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